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We explore places and cultures, meet people and capture captivating moments in simple words, colourful pictures and beautiful videos.


Niyi David

The protagonist in the More Cream Than Coffee script, ‘Niyi David studied Theatre Arts at the University of Benin and has spent most of his adult life working with words. He worked with a lead Nigerian media content provider, IBST Media® as a scriptwriter on several TV programs and notable projects such as Copa Coca-Cola, Peak Talent Show, and the Ford Foundation® sponsored Stop Impunity Now® campaign. Between April 2014 and May 2018, he worked with Afro Tourism® as a travel writer.

Steven Chikosi

In 2015, Chikosi was featured on CNN’s African Voices. He was also listed on one.org as one of the top photographers to follow from Africa. He has taken part in several local exhibitions and was involved in the Photo Voices project in Epworth, Harare, which involved mentoring young girls in documenting themselves. The work of the girls mentored by him was exhibited at the Netherlands embassy. Chikosi’s works have appeared in several African publications, including The African Lens.

Steven works and collaborates with More Cream Than Coffee on international projects.

Olusola Otori

A visual artist, Sola studied digital film making at the SAE Institute in Cape Town. Prior to that, he had his first training at the Centre for Cultural Studies, University of Lagos, after which he studied Art & Design at Yaba College of Technology. He has been a full-time studio artist constantly working with various media, especially photography. Sola has participated in several art exhibitions, excursions and workshops in Africa, and in his artistic and journalistic work he shows the beauty and culture of his land, along with the need for positive change.

Hillary Egbeh Successa

Hillary Egbeh Successa is a graduate of theatre Arts, from the University of Benin.
She is a Writer, Tutor, Compère, and a Fashion Designer. She has her roots in Imo State, but currently resides in Lagos.
Her hobbies are Reading, Writing, Travelling, Singing, listening to music and counselling.