The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) held its annual teachers training on Friday, 20th September, 2019 at Lekki Conservation Centre with the aim to equip secondary school teachers to teach conservation practices to students, as part of its goal towards the promotion of environmental education across the nation.

The training discussed the activities for the school term and demonstrated how to raise a garden through composting from kitchen food waste.

The facilitator, Mrs. Temitope Okunnu; CEO of FABE International, said that composting is a great way of reducing food waste and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. “Composting isn’t hard as we’ve been led to believe. Anyone can compost in any location if they understand the basics of the natural process”. She added.

According to her, Waste food materials such as eggshells, banana peels, vegetables, bread, yard waste, coffee grounds, manure from rabbits and chickens are very good for composting. Composting can be done in sacks, cement bags or open pit that is 4ft deep.

She equally talked about the rules guiding composting which include “turning compost from the bottom part to the top part, to ensure adequate ratio of nitrogen to carbon present in the compost.”

Other activities featured were inauguration of new school conservation clubs, grouping of schools into districts, election of coordinators and their assistants and; presentation of gifts to some coordinators for their performance in the previous year.

Outcome of the group deliberations were devising method of using bottle caps for making jewelries, making tables from tyres, planting of trees/flowers, making of Christmas tree, and clean-up activities; promotion of ideas such as Environmental awareness to schools in the locality, regional meetings amongst coordinators, clean-up exercise, waste recycling also raising a school garden using waste materials; and focusing on general clean-up activities, creating awareness on Environmental Education, regular club meetings, community services, club week, environmental awards, membership drive and Environmental beautification.

The training rounded up with participants touring the orchid garden. About fifty teachers participated in the training event.

Niyi David

‘Niyi David is a travel writer/photographer and Editor-in-Chief at More Cream Than Coffee. Previously, he worked at Afro Tourism West Africa Ltd as a travel writer, and was Head of Media and C.O.O. before leaving in May 2018. Prior to that he had worked as scriptwriter on some major media projects in Nigeria, such as 'Peak Talent Show' and the Ford Foundation sponsored 'Stop Impunity in Nigeria' campaign.