Music is life! It is one of the things that bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together just like food and sports. As for me, l can say that music is part of my daily routine. l cannot spend a day without listening to music and l feel like l am not the only one who feels this way especially about Afro beats – which I think has given African culture a platform in the West.

I think music has contributed mainly to the evolution of the African culture globally and l can say this because l remember when l was so young, l used to watch music channels on television where they played only American songs – and if you knew some of these songs people thought that you were actually cool. However, as l grew a bit older – let’s say my high school days, l started noticing African music being played on well recognised channels like MTV and Channel O. And now some of you can totally agree that African music is now trending in the whole world. It is actually now normal to see African music being appreciated by everyone in the world.

My fav artist… 😊

Nowadays, so many artists from the Western countries are taking their time to collaborate with African artists. As much as it has become a thing now, still l think l am not the only person who gets so excited  to see all artists from the whole world collaborating. Through our music, people now want to know more about Africa, some even visit Africa and some even appreciate the culture too. Afro beats has become a thing now that you see well-recognised international artists collaborating with African artists. Take for instance the Beyonce’s Lion King Album that came out a few months ago, on which she collaborated with the likes of Tiwa Savage, Burna boy, Shatta Walle and other African artists. On the album she mainly talks about celebrating the black culture and skin too. Afro beats have become a thing; l can only imagine how it would be like to go to the club and not hear any Afro jams – that would be a shock!

Afro beats has contributed to bringing people together, we see people from different nations coming together making great music. It is really a vibe because even if l don’t speak French l always find myself singing along to French songs – even when l have no idea what they are saying. For example, some of my favourite artists are French speaking Africans like Aya, Dadju, Fally Ipupa who have also gone international. It’s also the same with how people who can’t speak English but you hear them singing along to English songs word by word. There is something about music that brings people together, like think about how Hollywood celebrities are now even tracing their African roots and some of them are even taking their time to visit African countries. This shows how the music industry has opened a wide door for blacks to really know their roots. This really makes me feel happy to know that people no longer view Africa as a jungle, but rather a beautiful place with beautiful people through the love they have for our music.

To conclude, l would say that whoever came up with this music genre is a genius because Afro beats have contributed to bringing out the African culture to the world and l am so proud of some of the hardworking African artists like Wizkid, Mr Eazi, Burna boy, Tiwa Savage and many more who have made it to the international music standards. Because of their authenticity with their music l think they have contributed so much to the uprising of the African cultures to the world. All l can say is I love Afro beats and l think if you are not a fan yet, just take your time to listen to these songs because these artists are really doing “the most” they are really coming with hits and bangin’ tunes y’all!