Makorokoto egoredzva, ndinokuchingamidzai mugore ra 2020.

Finally, 2019 has ended. I would like to acknowledge that it was an amazing year but I am undoubtedly excited this new year 2020. Even before the old year petered out, my friends and I were fired up to use the hash tag #2020 on Instagram. We had long been talking about this new year as though it were already here then, so I honestly really believe that 2020 is definitely going to be an amazing year.

l got the chance to visit my family in Sydney, this festive season and l am so grateful for this experience. However, one question has been on my mind, and that is: “How was this world created?” My personal appreciation of the Most High motivates me to see the rest of His beautiful creation. Even with all the different continents, cultures and languages, as human beings we all still manage to find so many things in common, but the one thing that brings us all together is God who created us and all His amazing works 

No matter if you are in Africa, or any other part of the world l truly think that God does love us all and that this gift of life is all we need and that we should appreciate what we have in this world. In my opinion, even if you are not where you want to be or you’re not living your dreams, we have to realise that we need to be happy wherever we are with what we have. In saying that, however it does not necessarily mean you should not chase after your dreams.

A quote from one of my favorite Australian motivational speakers, Nick Vujicic, says that; “In this life, you can have everything but knowing your Creator and what He says about you is PEACE!” There is nothing as good as having a great relationship with God, and by the way l don’t think we have to be perfect because He is our Father, He is the Most High the Creator of the beautiful heavens and earth, and He understands our frailties.

 This is something l just really wanted someone to know as l am just here reflecting on the goodness in the world 🌎 and how beautiful everything is. As we kick off the new year, l just want to encourage everyone to reflect on life, on all the goodness, on everything and begin this 2020 with a really fresh start and know that the sky is our limit. Ndinokutendai nekuverenga, ndinokushuvirai gore rakanaka. Mwari akukomborerei. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WELCOME TO 2020!