Someone had created a WhatsApp group for us and when I woke up this morning, I learnt some monkeys had entered Steven’s room while he was out taking some early morning photos. I recall there was a notice in my room – which according to confirmation from others was in all rooms – to keep your windows locked because of monkeys. Any way there wasn’t much damage because they were really looking for food.

Enjoying the sunrise from my room

I think another member of the team, Sabine, a German probably arrived in the evening. I met her during breakfast. We all left – except for Olivia – for the Victoria Falls rainforest about 11:00hrs. It was September and the falls was not in its full elements like I saw it the last time around when it was June, but it was still majestic. In some areas, the cataracts actually dry.

Montez & Chido by the statue of David Livingstone
Father Francis
Cheerful Chido
Chantae with Montez
Steven doing his thing with Chido
A group of tourist approaching the Devil’s Pool on the Zambian side
Busani Leroy Bango
The Crew (L to R): Sam, Montez, Sabine, Francis, Chantae, Steven, Me, Chido & Busani
The knife-Edge Bridge

We returned to Elephant Hills Resort late afternoon and went straight to the restaurant for an overdue lunch. We had two new members join the team, John and Ryu from South Korea. They arrived while we were away at the rainforest. After lunch, I went to my room to rest, feeling some pains in my tummy.

Waiting for lunch
View from the restaurant

Dinner was scheduled for The Boma, Place of Eating. I was there the last time around and I enjoyed the experience, but the pain in my belly had not subsided by evening. Rather it seemed to have gotten worse. By the time the team assembled downstairs for the journey to The Boma, I knew I was not going. I had to get to a clinic while the rest went along. I did feel much better after being treated and resting at the clinic for bout two hours. The day was over for me.

Niyi David

‘Niyi David is a travel writer/photographer and Editor-in-Chief at More Cream Than Coffee. Previously, he worked at Afro Tourism West Africa Ltd as a travel writer, and was Head of Media and C.O.O. before leaving in May 2018. Prior to that he had worked as scriptwriter on some major media projects in Nigeria, such as 'Peak Talent Show' and the Ford Foundation sponsored 'Stop Impunity in Nigeria' campaign.