Zimbabwean cultural activist, Pathisa Nyathi has emerged as one of the winners of the African Travel 100 Global Personalities Awards scheduled to take place on September 23rd at the 15th AKWAABA African Travel Market.

“My view is that we have as an African people to be independent. Africa is too much of a beggar and will never be a respected people when we are beggars – and the danger is that he who pays the piper will call the tune, and I don’t think it’s fair for Africa to be dancing to somebody’s tune when we have got our own drums. Let’s beat our own drums and dance to our music. And then we are going to take our rightful position in the community of nations.”

– Pathisa Nyathi

Mr. Nyathi, a one-time Secretary-General of the Zimbabwe Writers’ Union is an author, publisher and researcher. He is a widely travelled Afro-centric apologist across the globe delivering talks about African culture and he is not apologetic about his views. Pathisa Nyathi is the owner of the Amagugu International Heritage Centre in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

We at More Cream Than Coffee say a hearty congratulation to Pathisa Nyathi!