Worn out and pretty tired by the time we arrived at Karela Resort & Hotels, Beyin in Ghana’s Western Region, all we wanted was food and a good night rest – and we were glad we got both. It was almost midnight, having endured a long bus ride from Accra the nation’s capital city. Our journey started late. The Western Region of Ghana shares border with Cote d’Ivoire and getting there by road requires you set out early. We didn’t.

The late dinner was good and sumptuous. Right afterwards, we all retired to our various rooms for the night, and as I walked down to my chalet I could hear the roar of the sea crashing against the shore. It called out to me, but tempted as I was to check it out a stronger pull towards my room and my bed won.

Living room…

I didn’t really get to explore and experience Karela Resort fully. Our schedule was tight and we were already behind. However, I have a good feeling about the place. Like I said, the dinner was very good. In the morning, breakfast was okay although it was limited – there wasn’t much variety, but it was adequate. That’s the much I can say about the food.

The chalet has a living room and an inner bedroom, and both are spacious. The living room has two sofas, a reading table and a refrigerator. There were air-conditioning units in both rooms. In the bedroom you have a TV with digital satellite channels. The bathroom was okay. It has a bathtub, shower, wash hand basin and toilet. Basic toiletries were available.

Front of the chalet I stayed in…
The swimming pool…

In the morning, before breakfast I walked up to the beachfront. I saw the swimming pool being cleaned which is good. The beachfront is lovely and would be convenient for beach activities. I never got the chance to speak with management, so I can’t tell what other facilities are available at the property.


In all Karela Resort & Hotels for me is a nice place to stay. Food and sleep comfort was good. The rooms are spacious and the environment is neat and tidy. The ambience is good for a getaway without breaking the bank, but there’s definitely room for improvement.


This review is based on one night spent at the property in June 2019.

Niyi David

‘Niyi David is a travel writer/photographer and Editor-in-Chief at More Cream Than Coffee. Previously, he worked at Afro Tourism West Africa Ltd as a travel writer, and was Head of Media and C.O.O. before leaving in May 2018. Prior to that he had worked as scriptwriter on some major media projects in Nigeria, such as 'Peak Talent Show' and the Ford Foundation sponsored 'Stop Impunity in Nigeria' campaign.